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A stunning visual feast

Time:2023-11-04 Views:21633
A stunning visual feast
LED 360 degree tube bring you a unique lighting experience, allowing you to experience an unprecedented beauty of light and shadow interweaving. Whether it‘s stage performances, wedding celebrations, or exhibitions, 360 degree tube will be your best partner.
The 360 ° luminous characteristics of 360 degree tube bring you a comprehensive visual enjoyment. Their bright colors and flowing lighting effects create a magical atmosphere that instantly elevates your activities.
With the help of signal return technology, 360 degree tube can perfectly synchronize and create stunning lighting shows. The T-line series design allows multiple color cloud tubes to be conveniently connected together, allowing you to easily create a unique lighting device.
The suspension and installation of 360 degree tube on the truss not only provide you with flexible placement positions, but also add unique decorative effects to your activity venue. Whether hanging high on stage or in outdoor space, color cloud tubes can light up the entire scene, adding a magical atmosphere to your activities.
With Madrix software and MA console, you will have unlimited possibilities. Adjust the color, transition effect, and speed of the lighting to bring stunning visual impact to your activities.
Choosing a 360 degree tube will inject unlimited creativity and surprise into your event. Let‘s create a captivating lighting feast together!