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Guangzhou International Auto Show - LED Pixel Bar

Time:2022-12-31 Views:1038
Guangzhou International Auto Show - LED Pixel Bar

LED pixel Bar help FAW Volkswagen shine in Guangzhou International Auto Show. More than 1000 1m pixel Bar are used to build the background light source on the site of this auto show. The pixel Bar are fixed on the wall, and the back trunking can be hidden in the wall. The pixel Bar are connected in series with waterproof plugs head to tail connection. The signal transmission is stable, and the transmission distance can be extended by plugging long lines; Connecting rods can be used between pixel bar to achieve seamless insertion, and the overall effect is neat and uniform, full of aesthetic feeling; Cooperate with the 804ps controller to complete the control of light effects. There are 31 built-in light effects, which can be recorded and replaced in real time to achieve offline playback. You can also access the Artnet lighting software such as Madrix to complete the layout of on-site light effects, or access the MA console to complete the control;
The LED pixel bar has soft and beautiful lighting, convenient connection, various accessories, rich and varied building models, and can be used in a variety of scenes. With outstanding lighting effects, it has become one of the first choices for auto show performances!

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