Helping International Fashion Week and Fashion Side by Side

Time:2022-07-28 Views:1126
Helping International Fashion Week and Fashion Side by Side

    The 2022 Shengze Fashion Week was held recently, and it is also our deep cooperation again; this venue is composed of indoor and outdoor parts.
The indoor top is seamlessly inserted by LED pixel bar, and the rotating 360 led tube are interspersed between the led pixel bar to complete the construction, combining dynamic and static; the two sides of the central large screen are matched with pixel bar to complete the construction of the main stage, which is integrated; the outdoor is surrounded by two pixel bar. Built on the lake, IP65 dustproof and waterproof, the lights are soft and colorful, reflected on the lake, with the surrounding Chinese buildings, it is quiet, beautiful, and has an oriental charm;
The Artnet controller can control the led pixel bar and rotating 360 led  tube, and Madrix connects the controller to complete the lighting control; the Artnet controller has 31 built-in lighting effects, and can be connected to a variety of Artnet lighting software to complete the layout and use, and can also be connected to the MA console to complete the control ;
The LED pixel bar has soft and beautiful lighting, simple and convenient to build, and has cooperated perfectly with fashion week for many times, and has become an important partner of fashion week!