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LED 360 degree tube night scene modeling

Time:2023-03-17 Views:1352
LED 360 degree tube night scene modeling

An outdoor shape formed by connecting LED 360 degree tubes of different specifications and sizes; Each LED 360 degree tube is connected with a hole ball and a stud. The stud is embedded at both ends of the LED 360 degree tube, and then the hole ball is used to connect the two LED 360 degree tube. The shape is fixed at the bottom, and a T-shaped line is used to connect the LED 360 degree tube in parallel to achieve signal return flow; The overall shape is in a heart-shaped state when viewed from above, and the lighting display is completed together with other lights;
The modeling is completed and coordinated with the artnet controller to complete the control of lighting effects. The artnet controller has 31 built-in lighting effects, which can be played at will or recorded to replace the current effect, enabling offline playback; Support access to Artnet lighting software such as Madrix/ad show to complete the layout of on-site lighting effects, or access to the MA console to complete control;
LED 360 degree tubes emit 360 ° light without dark areas, which is simple and convenient to install. They support signal turnback, Artnet software, and DMX console control. They are bright and soft in lighting, and are suitable for high-end exhibition venues such as exhibitions, dance shows, and park night views.