LED pixel bar heterotypic construction

Time:2022-10-08 Views:617
LED pixel bar heterotypic construction

    Article LED pixel bar of heart-shaped stereo modelling, use different point of view of the connector of the same length article LED pixel bar stitching together to complete the construction of the stereo modelling, the difficulty of building modelling is pixel Angle between calculation precision and 360 ° of the connector, connector fixed on the pixel article first, rotate the Angle of the need after lock, Then insert another pixel bar to complete the installation of an Angle; Male and female head plugs are used to transmit signals and power supply between pixel bar. The concave hole on the back of pixel bar can be used to hide cables.
The overall modeling is completed; Use Artnet controller to connect pixel bar and then connect Artnet software to complete the lighting control;
LED pixel bar light is soft, can cooperate with Artnet lighting software to complete the layout of lighting effect, can also access MA console to complete the control;
Led pixel bar wiring is simple, accessories are rich, can build all kinds of shapes including special-shaped structure, to help you realize the idea of unimaginably.