LED pixel bar log in to the scene of rap shows

Time:2022-08-18 Views:788
LED pixel bar log in to the scene of rap shows

LED pixel bar are logged on the scene of rap shows, #raplistingtome#The second season competition, Zhu Jingxi JING, FEEEleven‘s "Sunny Rain @4am" used LED pixel bar with live lighting to complete the construction of beautiful dance lighting effects; two 1m The LED pixel bar are seamlessly inserted with connecting rods, and are vertically fixed to the ground to form a 2m high light strip. Several LED pixel bar are displayed in the center of the stage as the lighting background;
The overall dance style is compact in rhythm, and the color is mainly green. Madrix is connected to the Artnet controller to complete the control of the dance lighting; the Artnet controller supports the effect recording function, which can save the edited effects to the controller for easy use; it also supports MA control. console control;
There are many kinds of LED pixel bar lights, which can be matched with different dance styles to present different characteristics;the accessories are rich, and the construction is simple and convenient; many advantages and characteristics have become the best choice for dance styles!