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LED pixel bar night scene modeling display

Time:2022-09-24 Views:1657
LED pixel bar night scene modeling display

LED pixel bar are used for outdoor display. In this modeling, LED pixel bar are used to build a tree-like shape around the circumference. The LED pixel bar are vertically fixed on a circular truss with hooks, and the angle is adjusted so that the light-emitting surface faces outward. Wire-to-plug to transmit signals, and then connect the Artnet controller to complete the control of the pixel bar;
The RGBW LED pixel bar used in this project has higher brightness, better light transmittance, richer colors, and better use in outdoor night scenes; the LED pixel bar has soft lighting and can be used with Artnet controllers and Artnet lighting software such as Madrix. Complete the layout of the on-site lighting effects, and can also access the MA console to complete the control;
The LED pixel bar has soft and beautiful lighting, convenient connection, various accessories, rich and changeable building shapes, applicable to various scenes, and outstanding lighting effects, which has become a beautiful landscape for outdoor night scenes!