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2023 Live Design International

Time:2023-12-02 Views:16409
2023 Live Design International

2023 LDI SHOW International Stage Lighting and Sound Exhibition, which will be an inspiring and groundbreaking event, will be held at the Las Vegas International Convention Center in the United States from December 3rd to 5th, 2023.
At the exhibition, we will unveil our latest products, including the splendid LED pixel bar,  360 led tube, hondys tube, and hondys pixel. These lighting equipment will bring you an unprecedented visual feast.
Moreover, there will be stunning mechanical devices as well. The Rotation 360 LED tube and scalelike matrix will present heart-stopping stage effects, inspiring your creativity and artistic inspiration.
Our state-of-the-art Artnet controllers will empower you with the control of lighting and sound, enabling you to unleash your creativity and add infinite possibilities to the stage.
We will also showcase our meticulously developed lighting control software, MAD-SHOW, which combines special effects, interactivity, and music, allowing you to master the on-site atmosphere at any time. In terms of layout, MAD-SHOW supports importing DXF format layout files. This means that MAD-SHOW can accurately identify the positions of the luminaires, greatly simplifying the layout process and providing higher flexibility and precision. Additionally, MAD-SHOW offers practical features such as RDM and effect recording, providing convenience for lighting control in practical projects. Whether it is stage performances, exhibition events, or architectural lighting, MAD-SHOW can meet your needs and deliver outstanding results.
Join this passion-filled grand event and explore the future of stage lighting and sound with top professionals from around the world. We look forward to your presence!