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2023Professional Lighting Sound Equipment Show

Time:2023-08-03 Views:21483

Indulge in the spectacular feast of the Hanoi Lighting and Sound Exhibition! In this exciting event, we will bring you extraordinary innovative technology and awe-inspiring stage effects.
With its innovative design and advanced technology, the 360 LED Pixel Tube will create a dreamy ambiance and breathtaking stage effects. A true visual extravaganza awaits your discovery.
The Artnet controller will provide you with an exceptional lighting control experience. Its intuitive and flexible interface caters to your precise adjustment and creative needs for stage lighting effects. From smooth color transitions to dazzling special effects, the Artnet controller allows you to effortlessly create your dream stage.
And with the mad-show lighting programming software, you will have even more creative space. From brightness to color, you can customize every moment‘s stage effects, presenting a unique performance.
But it‘s not just a solo act. Pairing the hondysApp with the Rainbow Flute Tube delivers a distinctive stage experience. This lighting control application perfectly complements the Rainbow Flute Tube, allowing you to create a stunning array of lighting effects with simple operations.
We will provide comprehensive support and professional services to make your performance shine brighter and more unforgettable. Experience firsthand the astounding products we showcase. Let‘s together explore the marvelous world of the Hanoi Lighting and Sound Exhibition!