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International Smart Display& Integrated System Exhibition(Shenzhen)

Time:2024-02-23 Views:58
International Smart Display&  Integrated System Exhibition(Shenzhen)

We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2024 ISLE International Smart Display Technology and System Integration Exhibition! This exhibition will be held grandly from February 29th to March 2nd, 2024 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangdong, China.
The exhibition will be a platform that brings together top global enterprises and professionals, showcasing the latest intelligent display technology and system integration solutions. As one of the leading exhibitors in the lighting equipment industry, we will showcase the highest quality lighting equipment, including LED pixel bars, 360 LED tubes, Hondys tubes, Hondys pixel, as well as mechanical products such as Rotation 360 LED tubes and Scalelike Matrix. We will also showcase Artnet controllers and other products.
This will be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and explore development trends with industry colleagues. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth, experience our latest products and solutions firsthand, and explore future cooperation opportunities together.
Exhibition information:
Time: February 29th to March 2nd, 2024
Location: China Guangdong Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
Looking forward to your visit! May the exhibition become an important platform for you to expand your business and meet industry partners. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.