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2022-2023 New Year‘s electrical syllable of NEON in Bangkok

Time:2023-01-04 Views:1246
2022-2023 New Year‘s electrical syllable of NEON in Bangkok

From 2022 to 2023, the New Year‘s electrical syllable of Bangkok NEON was grandly opened. As the largest electrical syllable in Asia, Martin Garrix led this time, and many DJs jointly performed the charm of the music festival; The dance lighting comparable to this is unprecedented, and the charm of led pixel bar is interpreted to the extreme;
In this modeling, more than 1000 LED pixel bar are used to build the dance modeling, and the truss is built and the LED pixel bar are fixed on the truss. Between the pixel bar, the male and female waterproof devices are used to transmit signals to the plugs, so the signals are stable; Pixel bar can be connected and fixed with straight connecting rods or multi angle connecting rods, with various accessories; Match with artnet controller to control the stage lighting; The artnet controller has 31 built-in lighting effects, which can be recorded and replaced in real time to realize offline playback. It can also be connected to the Artnet lighting software such as Madrix to complete the layout of on-site lighting effects, or connected to the MA console to complete control;
The LED pixel bar light is soft, and the modeling is simple and convenient. As a contour light, it can outline the main modeling and highlight the beauty of the modeling. It has become the first choice of many music festival dance lights!